Happy room steam they’re promising them cupcakes but eyes here has no intention of delivering cupcakes ladies and gentlemen welcome to happy room now i don’t know if this was based off happy wheels or if they’re just kind of going for that vibe of death in the most ridiculous in fantastical ways this is your first task place ate mine okay grab mine place boom.

I’m pretty much the best in this game that there ever was explode three mines in a row you can stop a test now okay well then I’m gonna drop three mines all get off me where’s the play button check out damage yes thank you jumpers sure and this is the amount of money i have I guess check out damage stats alright so damaged stats record last damage you see a pattern here having only done one do more damage alright yes. I understand let’s play oh god there’s one mind left alive okay that did not bad in network alright we’re going to stop this we’re going to delete all the things we’re gonna have a jumper that pushes them this way and that where the mines at melee fire guns mines is gonna hit that one he’s gonna hit that one and then somehow he’s going to end up right here ladies and gentlemen we have and have more for mines.

I can place mines everywhere wait yeah this seems good please in mind okay I like that I’d he was not revealed you guys I’m sorry but we just did some crazy stuff here hit dummy with the jumper five times ok so a fresh green clear screen clear screen just one clear the screen.

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