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Happy room game no download corner here and welcome back to Happy room I’m gonna do one thing in this game because it hasn’t updated yet nothing crazy and i’m going to try and get the world record ok the highest score i’ve seen is like , and i think i can do that easily very easily if i put all these perfectly just like perfectly aligned so that they’re in every little position they can be and then put jumpers to just freeze them the debt it’s not going to be that hard trust me this ice ray combined with the fire gun it got me you the the best weapon in like two minutes I don’t even need a try hard to get it and it gave it to me so I’m gonna put these are there and see how this works ok so.

I this how many did that video okay I’m gonna check in one minute I’ve been so many freaking things alright let’s go quick quick quick there’s ice guns here okay i don’t think that alone is going to give me any type of record alright if i combine it with other things like maybe spikes on the side there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m gonna get this record let’s see how that just works let’s speed it up holy Calif we’re ready yet , and it hasn’t even been that long so we’re going to hear that works see if it’s even going to get me close to eight thousand so they still have other things that can put in there ok so all right it looks good we actually got a new record doing that so next thing i want to put in there is maybe some five guns what’s another done here that’s really good hmm i don’t know let’s use fire guns oh dang and.

I can’t put fire than G of these are sitting here that’s really lame but what i can do is get a block is this going to interfere with the jumper though that would really really oh come on don’t tell me that’s going to be my highest score you can put on there and one there that way can we move this slightly there and get one in there we ok it’s it’s not good enough okay but there’s another than we could put a year and it doesn’t take space anywhere so we we do, that there you go and that works perfectly fine because it is attached to the wall and it doesn’t stick out of the wall let’s see that now oh my God look at this this guy he’s already dead before he even had a chance to live it’s not fair ok so this block here kinda getting in the way of things so oh I can move it slightly there cannot put my ice gun now my ice cream Maya back is that I want to put my fire gun no I can’t do it dang it ok so maybe we need something better than a nice, gun there’s nothing really that that’s better than nice gun know everything sucks compared to the is going to trust me okay so what we’re going to do here we’re going to put grenade launchers on the side and see because grenade launchers are like the second best weapon to be honest besides ice gun maybe i just love the ice gun for whatever reason and there are better items and I just refuse to believe it but i love the grenade launcher so I’m going to use the grenade launcher and it is going to rock this freaking world ok and i also lined it with all these mines to see if that is going to help it at all holy cat awful the first, damage just goes we can immediately ok that’s a new record most definitely i don’t believe , in one hit holy cow yep where’s my record that we don’t lose now who got another achievement , let’s get a good , let’s unlock another gene let’s do it see am I gonna get something special if I it like.

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