Happy Room 2

Everybody I’m let’s welcome back to our happy room 2 you know I didn’t realize something look at this guy’s face. I didn’t realize use animated like it is Lincoln and like moving his face if I knew how to do it i would get on it right now he is different things for the space disney yeah but I don’t know how to do that actually. I do addition to lazy to do it anyway we have some fun to be had we get to start a disco party.

Let’s have some fun seconds disco party now it’s for you guys to be sending me pictures and stuff also I’m hoping I’m hoping I’m hoping I’m hoping that we’d beat the game today and have heard rumors that the sandbox mode will be unlocked so guys drop me your suggestion of what your bestest but does not work what your best for your favorite way to destroy the w would be give me a description of what it would be and we’ll be getting into some of those so let’s get going, we have a big rocket I want to try that wow ok let’s try the big rocket big rocket ok ok, oh it reloaded it’s got a couple bullets got to reloads uh oh that’s interesting let’s drop that way we’re gonna do we’re gonna do this stuff we have to add some fun to the game so. I think the best way to do that is probably like you know what; I can do wow this is what you guys said to do is do the teleport right under teleport right above so we’ll call whoa so you continuously fall forever you ever done this in portal that it’s a lot of fun this actually I wonder I wonder if this week if we’d like to go for like six hours if we get a bunch of points i can confirm that is not the case because he is totally stopped right now so

I don’t know what the disco ball does either so. I’m going to drop that endeavor to remove these just use the disco ball those that’s all it is for the disco party wait a minute put the saw blades in like so so now okay he’s stuck in this death chamber of death and dying this so we’ll see how this works through the moon yeah that’ll do it.


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