Get a good day fellas welcome to a game called happy room yes basically talked to simulate up yeah we like to have fun here on the laser
beam channel say this dude number on yeah he’s their next victim every victim get the number so before this video.

Started I killed Adam but how this game works is you torture people get money and get more weapons up here the more damage you doing more stuff the unlock but I built this start with i call it, down mysore Costa the solar case that’s a good joke let me show you how it works all the guy gets grounded up Oh ready from the shotgun over there is a couple arches there’s a teleporter you so what’s crazier than. I ever expected look at the blood yeah basically i’m back to the new damage world record that’s for certain.

Oh god it just keeps going it just keeps going to teleport drops morning yeah just not looking any gun and he’s still going this will probably be the last one because the souls are at energy but look at that picture. That’s gorgeous yeah so the game is pretty much just kill stuff constant but we’ve got a minigun I want to test that out let’s, delete them and then by a minigun put it with the shotgun and then let’s test the store co once more our sounds so good do got red on here guys again now the trip down the roller coaster.

I mean he got is a great oh yeah I always go now we caught the jumping thing into the teleporter that’s interesting we don’t know yet well maybe it is here guys here guys one more trip through water legend new points world record is so we can kind of build whatever room we want like we can clear that.

Let’s build a bunch of many guns and then i’ll show you what i want to do i’ll use the source again the boo getting a little little pathway down into this yeah basically building another sort.


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