Hey guys welcome back to another video and this feel i’m going to be playing happy room free game so i just got this game and steamers five dollars and we’re going to be playing this so I saw jacksepticeye point so I kind of know what, I’m getting myself into oh yeah so place in mind here running about you have this rag doll news.

Murderer is what you do as much damage to them as possible hello darkness my old friend complete these achievements get money off shoot and then our that they just kill him just do more damage at the literal yet so on the end this isn’t a dummy is an actual person surest in peace recipes need your hand okay Oh check out damaged yeah so there’s geez off that’s like , all that’s geez ok do more dat damage to open new weapons complete.

Happy room game free download achievements to get more money we would so do more damage to open new ok ok oh let’s see clear screen how do I clear screen okay there we go that’s a lot so I’m like I just do that I’m deal damage and then there’s explode three mines in a row let’s watch this whoo okay let’s this here it goes that way so just put up there put you there and should pull your right under and I we would where’s the mind oh ok let’s put a mon let’s put mines here oh yeah they’re yellow which. I this let’s try this all rusted piece all jesus that makes them fly really far ways you’re gonna get it all over you literally just going back and forth now where are we stuck to our stock all look at this little duty so sadness in peace experimenting new record who I got money for that ah ok what else can we do its place wait oh ok ok you can move that okay that’s helpful its place now wait what if we put another jumper here on each side all the barely fits boom boom and I was place would put two jumpers here.

I’ll do it we don’t have enough dang it we need one more hour ok now i just do this boom I don’t know let’s go let’s see how how this does whine to all we need one more mind to explode and then we completed and she met let’s complete it all shoe he’s just going to go back and forth now I think oh yeah we did it new weapon all we got spikes wonder how that’s gonna work out full boom so i don’t i don’t know anything else I just saw its jumpers I’m like okay and you know so and you see how much is.


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