Finality! Unlocking Every Achievement

So much alive myself you guys couldn’t just have enough footage was killed at least of these guys maybe more maybe a few minutes you guys still persist i come back to. This game murder more of these poor innocent and unknowing clones they’ve never seen the days of light what does not even make the more was able to think about ways to kill these clones the larger my eyes got in scale and then my mouth and then my face just went to a total mush. I somehow figured out how to manipulate my genetic structure and change the form of my face on a very spot and what that has to do with playing this game I’m still need to figure out what it means something somehow I think anyway maybe it was just the excuse me to play around with stupid ridiculous effects and wasted an hour of my time trusting those introduction yeah was not so what is going on guys this is right here and welcome back to some more happy room you guys it really are enjoying this series and that makes me super happy; because i really enjoyed playing this may be a little bit too much if that’s even a thing okay as you can see along the top i may have played just a smidgen in my free time they have practiced a couple of stuff because the objective for this episode is to try to get as fast of that little tally bar whenever you want to call it gets the damage bar trying to unlock the loads of new things i have a lot of new things already i will show you them right now I got the grenade for I’m gonna put like two of these new thing I’ve got down to you guys can just see them so.

I’ve got now grenades and also what appears to be some kind of steak ok i’ll show you what i mean guy just throw this poor guy in right there we go so that is the ones that already and now the grenade launcher stop following they do a load of damage and they have a load of ammunition as you can see the damages of over as well like the ammunition Valley depleting at all it’s just for some I love it I love it I love watching this guy deserves everything he gets some reason so those are the new things are locked in the meantime only i guess they’re not that much i think what am, I trying to off the bat though is get the challenge so here is enough food for everyone seven monsters by the dummy these other monsters right here that’s what I would have done this challenge like so long ago i did like a full field of these guys I mean I put quite a few these in an output if you bounce pass let’s just do that right there bites is that it that’s it that’s like the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life let’s take a look at what we can upgrade way we have quite a new a few things a few things from brain don’t break me yeah i think even before showing you guys i’m gonna upgrade the are constrained about so let’s go back we’re gonna prove that check this out guys.

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